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Roof Waterproof Membrane Services in Portslade-Village

When embarking on a waterproofing job, it is vital to consider carefully the method and manner of construction of a building, along with the capacity in which the building functions. The range of roofing waterproofing options to choose from, can suit any requirement. The waterproof membrane covering can be made from bitumen, plastic or resinous- depending on what you require. You can also choose to use a PIR, EPS or Mineral wool, in the insulation process.

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You can Count on Us to Effectively Handle all your Waterproof Membrane Needs

Whichever insulation process you decide on, you can be rest assured that you will get the services of a waterproof membrane specialist that can handle any of your requests. At Royal Roofing Portslade-Village, we make it easy so that you don’t have to stress over the technicalities.

At Royal Roofing Portslade-Village, we use a combination of only the best materials to produce high quality, long lasting thermoplastic membranes. Our company has been a leader in the industry for well over a decade, and we have managed to build a customer base that depends on us to provide quality, readily accessable, value for money services.

Roof Waterproof Membranes for All Properties in Portslade-Village

Properties suffering from damage caused by high levels of moisture, can benefit from waterproof roofing membranes. Insulation type is usually chosen based on the moisture conditions.

Waterproofing is very important in protecting a building from water seeping in, a common problem in areas of high water humidity.

Our roof waterproof membranes can be used in swampy areas where water could accumulate in the foundation walls and basement.

The main function of roof waterproof membrane is to prevent ingress of moisture into the building, while providing adequate ventilation and diffusion of water vapour from inside to outside. Stormy weather is notorious for causing homeowners worry about possible structural damage to their properties, along with their roofing. Water lodged around your building is a serious problem and can eventually cause long term damage. Substandard roofing insulation could lead to water leaking from the roof, down to the building’s foundation. We ensure that our roof waterproof membranes in Portslade-Village are affordable and easy to fit in. Clients are rest assured that we are always at hand to attend to relevant call outs- from replacement projects to roof waterproof membrane installations.

We are Trusted by Many for Your Water Proofing Needs

Our team at Royal Roofing Portslade-Village can be relied on to provide all of our clients in Portslade-Village with quality materials that are needed for waterproofing your property. At Royal Roofing Portslade-Village, we attend to any membrane requests- from minor repair work, to major projects started from scratch, once we are called on. The protection of your property is of paramount importance to us - which is why we spare no effort in ensuring that your property is properly insulated and secured. Our clients place a lot of value on their properties, and we do too, which is why we employ only the best resources to ensure the success of your roofing project. Furthermore, we insure our projects, whether residential or commercial assignments, to cover our clients from any incidents. You will be working with some of the most experienced members of our team, so rest assured, every activity will be completed in the highest standards.

We keep clients briefed on every step of the project, throughout the course of the project. Clients have nothing to worry about once they call to inquire about our services because at Royal Roofing Portslade-Village, we are able to attend to all of our client requests- from minor maintenance work, to large scale projects. Our clients are only provided with the most respected servicemen who ensures that they are provided with only the best services in Portslade-Village. Whether it’s a roof waterproof membrane installation or replacement projects, we aim to deliver so that you can be confident in the security of your building.


Royal Roofing Portslade-Village is duly recognized around the region, owing to the niche of professionalism that we have carved for ourselves. The quality of our services has earned us significant accolade on CheckaTrade, along with our hard earned reputation for excellence in more traditional circles.

Which Trusted Trade

Our experts at Royal Roofing Portslade-Village are always seeking better ways to make roof refurbishments more cost-effective in Portslade-Village. We only employ the best technicians, and use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques for our business. Our customers are always happy with our finished work because of the effort to maintain service excellence throughout each stage of the roof development. Most of our jobs are repeat businesses from over 70% of satisfied customers who are willing to tell their colleagues, family, and friends about Royal Roofing Portslade-Village. These satisfied clients do more by writing honest reviews about our service and professionalism on independent sites such as Which Trusted Trade.

Why Royal Roofing Portslade-Village is the best choice in Portslade-Village


We optimize the quality of your roof with our premium quality materials. We will give you a warranty, but we doubt you’ll ever need to use it.

Refurbishment Projects for Roof Waterproof Membrane in Portslade-Village

We provide Waterproof membrane services services to our clients. There are different options available for roof refurbishment. You may decide to take down the existing system, and install a new one, or you may just decide to overhaul the current system. There are positives to each individual choice, however, we can properly assess your roof and provide a recommendation.

Free consultations for our clients

We also offer free roof inspections and surveys. Feel free to call us if you have any suspicions or inquiries about the status of your roof waterproof membrane in Portslade-Village. Our roof waterproof membrane system is real value for your money.

Service insurance

We take safety concerns seriously at Royal Roofing Portslade-Village, which is why we insure both our staff and clients. This is why Royal Roofing Portslade-Village is fully insured to protect both your property and our workers for the duration of your project.

Clients in Portslade-Village benefit from our professional Roof Waterproof Membrane systems.

Our expertise is unquestioned, as we have worked with specialists in construction for over ten years. You will always get the best services at Royal Roofing Portslade-Village. Let us fix your roof waterproof membrane in Portslade-Village, call us today on 01273 257 007.

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